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Advice regarding club ‘events’ and activities during COVID-19

Club Memo

Topic:Club training/activities during COVID-19
Date:01 / 05 / 2020
From:Triathlon Victoria / Triathlon Australia
Purpose:For the reference of club executives regarding club training/activities during COVID-19 for the purposes of understanding the assessment and management of risk.

There have been questions asked by affiliated entities relating to what can and can’t be delivered as a club activity in these times. We understand clubs are trying to balance the benefit of club members interacting (in way that follows government legislation) with complying with affiliation requirements.

This memo provides club executives with a reference point regarding club training/activities during C19 for the purposes of understanding the assessment and management of risk and insurance coverage/impacts. It includes both a:

  • Detailed FAQ to assist clubs when considering whether an activity should be run and how (Appendix C)
  • TA guideline for the conduct of club training events (Appendix B)
  • Starting list of ideas for activities for clubs to consider running as part of efforts to maintain engagement with/among members (Appendix A)



Are there any changes to individual member insurance during this period?

The Triathlon Australia (TA) member insurance (Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance) remains valid for all training where individuals are complying with federal and state legislation during COVID-19 (e.g. social distancing, gatherings, exercise, etc) and undertaking training appropriate for preparing to participate in a triathlon. This cover includes all activities within virtual platforms such as Zwift, Fulgaz, Trainer Road, etc.


How does Triathlon Australia define an Event?

Triathlon Australia separate events in to 2 categories:

  1. A “Sanctioned Event”
  2. A “Training Event”

What is a “Sanctioned Event’?

An event that comprises one or more of the following disciplines can be sanctioned by TA, provided that the conduct of the event is tolerably safe and it is conducted in accordance with the Race Competition Rules:

  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Run
  • Paddle

A Sanctioned Event usually comprises of race and competition activities.

  • Race – A sanctioned activity within the event, whether a triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon or other style of event that may be sanctioned.
  • Competition – is in general a timed activity, with formal recording of results where you have winners and losers.

What is a “Training Event”?

In general a “Training Event” is an activity or group of activities that is non-competitive, with no formal recording of times or publishing of results a does not indicate winners or losers. Please see Appendix B for further detail.

What is a virtual event?

A ‘virtual event’ has these features:

  • Participants are not physically together.
  • Participants record their completion of prescribed activity/ies using personal technology (e.g. Garmin, Strava, etc).
  • Completion of event is through submission of completion of the prescribed activity/ies (e.g. data upload, screenshot image, etc).

A ‘virtual event’ may:

  • Have activities completed on stationary equipment (e.g. bike trainer; treadmill, etc).
  • A ‘virtual event’ must not
    Have timing, leaderboard, point score, winners and losers and any competitive element unless sanctioned

I want to conduct a ‘virtual’ event’?

All event sanctioning has ceased nationally until June 30. For any date after June 30 please apply via normal sanctioning process

I want to conduct a ‘training event’?

Any training event you conduct must meet the ‘training event’ guidelines. Whilst these events do not require sanctioning, they must however meet the guidelines (Appendix B) which can be described in summary form within the context of indoor activities as per COVID-19 requirements:

  • The activity must be non-competitive, with no formal recording of times or publishing of results, as this suggests that the activity is competitive.
  • The run should be entirely off-road and minimise any road crossings.
  • Must be limited to current club members only.
  • Must comply with current State and Federal rules surrounding COVID-19
  • Must not have timing, leaderboard, point score, winners and losers and any competitive element unless sanctioned

What if all the event components can be isolated from the public?

Should you be able to deliver the event in such a manner that ALL the activity components can be undertaken in a controlled and safe environment e.g. wind trainer, treadmill, etc. you should make contact with your State/Territory Triathlon Association (STTA) sanctioning officer for review and endorsement.

What happens if non-members join my club’s virtual activity?

Should non-members choose to join a virtual event ‘online’ ride, club run ‘challenge’, etc. they do so at their own risk and under the clear understanding (communicated by you) that as non-members they hold no training / personal accident insurance and your club owes no duty of care.

What is the best set-up to ensure participant safety and remaining within the recognized scope of clubs and coaches?

Should a club or coach choose to set up an ‘event’ it is must be carried out under the ‘training event’ guidelines and we strongly encourage the use of stationary equipment set up in one’s home (lowest risk profile). Should a coach use virtual platforms to host training and virtual competitions they are to work within the scope of practice for their tier of accreditation (click here to view coach scope of practice).


Can a coach supply a program online (e.g. write a 4-week club member running program identical to their planned in-person group training)?

Coaches should continue to provide their services as part of a ‘business as usual’ approach (within Government restrictions). It is recommended that a coach provides a regular protocol for athletes to self-assess readiness and capacity to manage the session workload. This would include, but not limited to, a focus on general health, pre-existing injuries, fatigue, etc. just like what a coach would do in a traditional ‘face to face’ session.

Note: Coaching whether paid or unpaid must not exceed the scope of practice linked to the level of accreditation.

Where can I find more information?

An expansive FAQ relating to COVID-19 is available on Triathlon Australia’s website.


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