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Club Coach of the Year Award

Award Criteria for the Club Coach of the Year Award

Award Description This Award will recognise accredited triathlon coaches who operate in Victoria and have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to coaching
Eligibility All members of Triathlon Victoria (Australia) are eligible for nomination.
Nomination & Selection This award is open for peer nomination whereby any member of Triathlon Australia may nominate a Triathlon Victoria member, who is an accredited coach, for this award. The nomination will include:

A description of the coaching roles undertaken by the nominee

A description of the ways in which the nominee encourages the development of the athlete and/or club (including specific examples). i.e. What will be their legacy for the future?

A description of how the nominee has demonstrated the triathlon values of Respect, Health, Enjoyment, Belonging, Achievement and Integrity;

A description of the nominee’s most outstanding achievement during the current season and why.

A description of specific coaching achievements outlining any significant athlete/s performances at state/national or international events (include athletes’ names, age category, events and result).

Any additional information to support the nomination.

The Awards committee will consider all nominations and recommend a winner (and finalists) to the Board for endorsement.


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