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Club Initiative of the Year

Award Criteria for the Club Initiative of the Year

Award Description This award recognises an affiliated club who has made a significant contribution to triathlon in 2018 through the development of a program, event or activity that has put ‘more people on the starting line’.
Eligibility All affiliated clubs are eligible to submit a nomination.

Note: Only one nomination per affiliated club will be accepted.

Nomination & Selection This award is open for club nomination whereby any affiliated club (via a member) may nominate a program, event or activity that has put ‘more people on the starting line’. The nomination should address:

·      A description of the activity

·      An indication of the number of people involved, how long they were involved, whether they have continued their involvement and what impact it had on the individual/s and the club.

·      How the activity aligns to the triathlon values of Respect, Health, Enjoyment, Belonging, Achievement and Integrity; and hence demonstrates an initiative worthy of recognition;

·      How the activity might be seen as ‘innovative’ by engaging with underrepresented groups, adding to the fabric/culture of the club, creating social connections, broadening the activities of the club, etc.

·      Any additional information to support the nomination.


The Awards committee will consider all nominations and recommend a winner (and finalists) to the Board for endorsement.


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