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TV Life Membership

Award Criteria for Life Membership of Triathlon Victoria

Award Description Each year the Triathlon Victoria Board calls for nominations from individual members, or member clubs, for persons to be considered for Life Membership of the Association.

Life membership is awarded to an individual who has rendered distinguished or special service to triathlon in Victoria and is likely to have been for an extended period.

Upon receipt of any such nominations the board will assess and recommend to a ‘general meeting’ any person/s deemed to have fulfilled these criteria.

A resolution to confer life membership must be passed at a ‘general meeting’ with at least five (5) votes in favour. The individual becomes a life member of the Association from the time the resolution is passed at the ‘general meeting’.

A ‘general meeting’ of the Association is a meeting of members of the Association convened in accordance with Constitution and includes annual general meetings or special general meetings. The Triathlon Victoria Annual Awards are considered a special general meeting and hence provide the opportunity for the bestowing of Life Membership.

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