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Most Inspiring Performance Award

Award Criteria for the Most Inspiring Performance Award

Award Description This award will highlight the most inspiring overall or one-off performance from a Victorian athlete over the previous racing season and is inclusive of all events, membership types and racing categories.
Eligibility All members of Triathlon Victoria (Australia) are eligible for nomination.
Nomination & Selection This award is open for peer nomination whereby any member of Triathlon Australia may nominate a Triathlon Victoria member for this award. The nomination will include:

Details of the performance/s from sanctioned events which demonstrate the athletes inspiration to others;

A description of how the nominee has overcome disappointment/adversity during the nomination period criteria;

A description of how the nominee has demonstrated the triathlon values of Respect, Health, Enjoyment, Belonging, Achievement and Integrity;

Any additional information to support the nomination.

The Awards committee will consider all nominations and recommend a winner (and finalists) to the Board for endorsement.


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