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Technical Official of the Year Award

Award Criteria for the Technical Official of the Year Award

Award Description These awards are presented annually in recognition of the outstanding contribution of accredited Triathlon Victoria (Australia) Technical Official.
Eligibility Triathlon Victoria Technical Recognition Award – accredited Local Technical Officials (LTO) with less than 3 years’ experience are eligible for nomination.

Triathlon Victoria Technical Official of the Year Award – accredited officials (LTO, RTO, ATO or ITU) are eligible for nomination.

Nomination & Selection These awards are open for peer nomination whereby any accredited Technical Official may nominate another official for these awards. The nomination will include:

·      A description of the role/s or area/s where the nominee has contributed/excelled;

·      A description of how the nominee has demonstrated the triathlon values of Respect, Health, Enjoyment, Belonging, Achievement and Integrity; and hence demonstrated service worthy of recognition;

·      A description of how the nominee’s contribution impacted on the ‘technical program’ and/or triathlon either locally, nationally or internationally during the season.

·      Any additional information to support the nomination.

The Triathlon Victoria Technical Committee will review the nominations and submit their recommendations to the Triathlon Victoria Awards Committee and Board for endorsement.


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