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Victorian Triathlon State Series Shield

Award Criteria for the Victorian Triathlon State Series Shield


Award Description The 2019-20 Victorian State Series title is awarded to clubs/squads (State Series Shield) based on results from the selected multisport series events across the 2019-20 season.
Eligibility Organisations must be an affiliated club/squad (referred to as clubs) to be eligible for the State Series Shield and will be classified according to their size/type (classification confirmed using membership taken at 31 March 2019)

  • Small Club – less than 100 members
  • Large Club – over 101 members

For individuals to be awarded points, towards the club award, they must be a member of an affiliated club/squad (and Triathlon Victoria/Australia)

Nomination & Selection The award process:

Clubs/squads accrue points from the performances and participation of their members calculated from the State Series events with points accumulated by club members.

Points are allocated on a top down system. In the event of a non-member or a member of another State or Territory placing in the top 10 these points are included in the points allocation. These people are ineligible and thus any points are not accrued to any club aggregate.

Participation points will be awarded to the club for each competitor (one point) that competes at State Series event.


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