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Duathlon Series

The Victorian Duathlon Series showcases community racing, bringing sprint, dash, draft legal and kids events to the suburbs.

Open to members and non-members, the series consists of several races hosted by various affiliated triathlon clubs in collaboration with Triathlon Victoria. The Victorian Duathlon Series directly supports our triathlon clubs, with all proceeds directed back into the host club and the sport of triathlon.

2021-22 Races


  • Entries close at 5:00 PM the Thursday before race weekend (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • All entries must be pre-purchased as entires on the day are NOT permitted.
  • To assist our green footprint, duathlon events have a no cup policy so please bring an extra drink bottle.
  • Add these events to iCAL 

Event Schedule

Kids Draft legal (R3 Only) Sprint  Dash
Rego / Transition open 7:00am 7:00am 7:00am 7:00am
Transition closes 7:50am 8:00am 8:45am 8:45am
Briefing 7:55am 8:15am 8:50am 8:55am
Race Start 8:00am 8:20am 9:00am 9:00am

Athlete Guide


Event Fees

Individual Races Member Price Non-Member Price
Draft Legal 1.5km/10km/1.5km  $ 33.00  N/A
Sprint 5km/20km/3km  $ 55.00  $ 66.00
Dash 2km/10km/1km  $ 33.00  $ 42.00
Kids (10-12) 750m/6km/500m  $ 16.50  $ 20.00
Kids (7-9) 500m/3km/250m  $ 16.50  $ 20.00

Series Pass – save 20% Member Price Non-Member Price
Sprint 5km/20km/3km  $ 132.00  $ 162.00
Dash 2km/10km/1km  $ 80.00  $ 127.00
Kids (10-12) 750m/6km/500m  $ 40.00  $ 50.00
Kids (7-9) 500m/3km/250m  $ 40.00  $ 50.00

World Qualifying

For selection points in an event to accumulate towards selection, an athlete must hold a relevant Triathlon Australia Membership as of midnight on the Thursday preceding the date of the relevant 2021-22 selection event.

For world qualifying events, we can’t stress strongly enough to check your data!

Selection points will not be awarded if the Triathlon Australia member does not enter their Triathlon Australia membership number, date of birth, and first and last name (correctly spelt). This information MUST match your relevant Triathlon Australia membership details when entering each individual nominated selection event.

Triathlon Australia will not correct an athlete’s selection points or award selection points post the selection event due to an athlete having incorrect race entry data.

State Series Points

If you are a Triathlon Victoria financial member, State Series points are on offer for some races. Non-members are still permitted to race in a State Series event, they just don’t acquire points.

Draft Legal Racing

Draft legal opportunities are made available to support our junior and senior elite athletes to provide a link to Triathlon Australia’s high-performance pathway and the introduction of shorter race formats at World Championships and Olympic competition.

Please note: A draft legal race depends on sufficient entries received to ensure a ‘drafting experience’ for all competitors. In the event that there aren’t sufficient entries to ensure this, all entered participants will be rolled into the Age Group Sprint race at no additional cost.


For persons with an intellectual disability, the Victorian Duathlon Series offer a multi-class category. Please register under the multi-class category for the distance you wish to race to participate in this class.

Event Partners

32Gi sports nutrition are the offical hydration supplier for the Victorian Duathlon Series.
 Yarra Tri Club 
Bayside Tri Club
Melbourne Tri Club

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