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Duathlon Series

The Victorian Duathlon Series returns for the 2020-21 season with two races scheduled for April and May that will showcase community racing at its best.

The series consists of several races hosted by various affiliated triathlon clubs in collaboration with Triathlon Victoria, and showcases our athletes, our clubs, and some of the best duathlon courses in Australia.

The Victorian Duathlon Series directly supports our triathlon clubs, with all proceeds directed back into the host club and the sport of triathlon.

Triathlon Victoria believes strongly in inclusion, and that multisport provides something for everything, no matter their age, gender, cultural background or ability. As such, for persons with an intellectual disability, we are offering a “multiclass” category. Please register under the “multiclass” category for the distance you wish to race to participate in this class.

Event  Member Price  Non-Member Price
Sprint 5km/20km/3km  $ 55.00  $ 66.00
Dash 2km/10km/1km  $ 33.00  $ 42.00
Kids (10-12)-750m/6km/500m  $ 16.50  $ 20.00
Kids (7-9)-500m/3km/250m  $ 16.50  $ 20.00


Events Calendar [ 2020-21 season]

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