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State Series Overview

The 2023/24 Victorian State Series (State Series) title is awarded to both individuals (State Series Award) and clubs/squads (State Series Shield) based on results from selected multisport events across the 2023/24 season.


Series Points

View the performance standings for individuals and clubs for the latest season.


Schedule of Events

View the schedule of events for this season that form the Victorian State Series.


Event Disciplines, Points & Age Categories

View the event disciplines that will form the 2023/24 State Series, Categories and Points. Points are awarded at each event that forms part of the State Series.


State Series Awards

The Victorian Triathlon State Series title is awarded based on results from selected multisport events across each season. Each year there are two awards given, the State Series Award given to an individual and the State Series Shield awarded to an affiliated club or squad.


State Series FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions relating to the Victorian State Series


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