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Triathlon Victoria ready to drive change in female participation

Triathlon Victoria has published its Gender Equity Report, providing a path to achieving gender equity in triathlon.

Undertaken and prepared by Dr Caitlin Honey, Liz Mackevicius and Cameron Smee as part of Triathlon Victoria’s Change our Game Workforce Development Grant, the Report examined the experiences of females across coaching, officiating and administration and analysed their insights for improving gender equity.

The Report produced two key recommendations, with the first being the development Gender Equity Action Plan. The Action Plan will focus on the development and implementation of support structures, addressing culture through a communications strategy and creating access to education, training, and leadership development opportunities.

The second recommendation is the development of a working group with the purpose of driving change and with the Triathlon Victoria staff implementing initiatives and embedding gender equity practices.

Triathlon Victoria Executive Director, Grant Cosgriff commented “We know that women are typically underrepresented in triathlon, particularly in senior coaching, officiating and leadership roles, and this report confirms that belief,” Cosgriff said.

“With this report and the recommendations put forward by Caitlin, Liz and Cameron, we’re really hoping that we can push towards visible and real gender equity in triathlon. We’re already begun some initiatives as a result of the report and with the action plan finalised over the coming month we will expand this work thereafter.”

The development of the report also sits alongside a new suite of video assets Triathlon Victoria has produced to highlight the Change our Game program and the fantastic women involved in triathlon.

The Triathlon Victoria Gender Equity Report can be accessed here.

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