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A message to the Victorian triathlon community from our Executive Director


I’ve been overwhelmed of late with the rapid changes occurring in the world and scrambling to try and keep up. My inbox has been completely overwhelmed by every organisation communicating their COVID-19 messages. Predominantly well-meaning but collectively exhausting.

The impact on the community has been significant both socially and economically. Whilst the sport and events industry are reeling, it is also resilient. Collectively we will find a path to recover through our shared energy and passion.

I’ve refrained from messaging until now respecting that this is a really big problem that needs some airtime for people to get past the period of denial, into reality and the immediate responsibilities to ourselves and others. I think we are there now.

The recent Government restrictions should leave no person in doubt of the seriousness of COVID-19 and that restrictions will be in place for some time.

So, the message from Triathlon Victoria is simple:

  • We know that triathlon is important to you;
  • We want you to stay fit and healthy (but not at the risk to yourself or others);
  • We respect that everyone’s circumstances are unique and whilst there will be opportunities to continue to engage with us, we understand and accept that there are bigger issues at play; and
  • We encourage you to check-in on your triathlon friends as some will be vulnerable without the support of their club, coach, training mates.

We are thinking of you and here to support you. Simply email or call and let us know how we can help. You can also find triathlon’s COVID-19 FAQs online to assist you.

Keep healthy and safe,

Grant Cosgriff
Executive Director

PS: Please, remember to show kindness in the community and find a way to help those around you. We’re all in this together and a focus on looking after oneself (think toilet paper) is not the answer.

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