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COVID-19 Member Update

Dear Clubs and Participants,

The current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation in Victoria is unprecedented. The uncertainty presents significant challenges as we attempt to plan individually, as clubs and coaches, and as your association in a rapidly changing environment.

I understand the confusion and frustration as the reality of the impact, and measures necessary to mitigate the spread, are felt by everyone. It’s less than a week ago since thousands were planning to race at Brighton and now we find ourselves constantly reviewing our working, home and activity arrangements mindful that there are much bigger stakes at hand.

As a national network of triathlon associations, we have agreed that a coordinated and aligned communication to our members (both individuals and clubs) is a priority. To this end Triathlon Australia (TA) will be central to communicating the latest news and changes relative to COVID-19 and state associations will support this by re-sharing information, taking calls, emails and feedback from members.

Be patient (as difficult as this may be) as the expert advice continues to evolve and we carefully consider the operational and environmental changes required to minimise the COVID-19 community impact.

Stay safe, stay well and remember to take the advice of the governments and the health authorities in protecting one another.

Visit the Triathlon Australia website for updates.




Grant Cosgriff

Executive Director
Triathlon Victoria


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