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Free Heart Rate Variability Webinar with Marco Altini

Triathlon Victoria is delighted to announce a free webinar on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and its application in endurance coaching.

Delivered by Marco Altini, a global expert in the field and founder of HRV4Training, the webinar will provide coaches with world-leading information and access to this cutting edge athlete management software at a discounted rate which has been negotiated by Triathlon Victoria for accredited coaches.

Date April 6, 2020
Time 7:45PM sharp
Delivery Webinar  / Virtual Classroom


What is HRV & why is it useful?

For those familiar with the work of leading global sports scientists and elite coaches, such as the likes of Dan Plews, etc., you may be aware of the work in this field.

However, for those that aren’t HRV is a more accurate way of measuring each athlete’s response to training load, rather than looking at just the standard metrics of Acute Training Load (ATL), Chronic Training Load (CTL) and Training Stress Balance (TSB) in Training Peaks.

The ability to measure not just these training loads but also their effect on the stress response of the athlete will enhance your ability to fine-tune individual training plans, reduce injury and illness risk and plan harder sessions around times that the athlete is more capable of absorbing them, thereby accelerating the desired training adaptations.

Who is Marco Altini?

Marco Altini has an extensive CV, which includes the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Human Movement Science and High-Performance Coaching and is working with the Dutch Triathlon Federation and their elite triathletes. Marco also holds a PhD (cum laude) in Applied Machine Learning and a Masters Degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

Marco has more than ten years of experience modelling physiological data for health and performance and over 50 publications at the intersection between technology, health and performance. In addition to this, Marco has assisted various global brands in improving their products such as Strava and their Relative Effort metric.

Marco is the founder of HRV4Training, which is a science-based mobile platform used by over 50,000 people currently, including Olympic medallists and professional teams.

Who is this webinar for?

The scientific principles apply to athletes of all ages and abilities, and we encourage accredited coaches of all levels to attend the webinar. Foundation coaches are also welcome to participate from an educational interest and development perspective, but please remember that the application of this will be outside of your scope of practice.

The webinar itself, while discussing scientific concepts, will be delivered in a fashion that everyone will be able to understand while keeping even the most advanced coaches engaged.

How do you register?

The webinar, which will only run once, will last approximately one hour and will start at 7:45pm sharp Melbourne time.


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