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Stryd and Jim Vance set to deliver free Running with Power webinar – Wednesday 13th May, 12pm

Triathlon Victoria is delighted to announce a free webinar on Running with Power, and its application in endurance coaching.


Delivered by Stryd and Coach Jim Vance, the webinar will provide coaches with world-leading information and access to this cutting edge technology at a discounted rate which has been negotiated by Triathlon Victoria for Triathlon Australia members.

About Stryd

Stryd is the most advanced wearable technology for runners and currently provides the following metrics: Power, Form Power, Elevation, Cadence, Ground contact time, Vertical Oscillation, Leg Spring Stiffness, Pace, and Distance.

Stryd, once you know how to use it, improves your training and racing, if you are willing to change the way you train. Power-based training brings many benefits to both coaches and athletes, including precise intensity control, improved organisation of training phases and superior pacing of workouts/races.



Who is Jim Vance?

Jim Vance is an endurance sports coach, author and consultant based in San Diego, California. Aside from being the coach of pro triathlete Ben Kanute he is the Head Coach for Formula Endurance, a USA Triathlon High-Performance Team, focused mostly on developing top junior triathletes, as part of the Olympic Pipeline. Jim is also the Head Varsity Swim Coach at Coronado High School.


Who is this webinar for?

The scientific principles apply to athletes of all ages and abilities, and we encourage coaches of all levels to attend the webinar. Foundation coaches are also welcome to participate from an educational interest and development perspective, but please remember that the application of this will be outside of your scope of practice. The webinar itself, while discussing scientific concepts, will be delivered in a fashion that everyone will be able to understand while keeping even the most advanced coaches engaged.

Register to attend.


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