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Korowa Girls College & Shelford Girls Grammar – Case Study

Korowa Girls College and Shelford Girls Grammar are member schools of ‘Girls Sport Victoria’ sporting association, that provide girls from year seven to twelve the opportunity to get involved in over twenty sports at weekly carnivals, events & tournaments.
The two schools recently started participating in GSV annual triathlon event; which the past two years has been hosted by Western Suburbs Triathlon Club.

The T2G program took shape in different ways at each school, ensuring was able to fit into an existing busy schedule for the students. Korowa operated with two sessions a week, over six weeks, where one session per week across four weeks suited Shelford better.

Each school having access to their own facilities for training, made coordinating the programs easier however, the program’s success stems from the enthusiastic students keen to take part. The staff and teachers were extremely willing to take on the programs, however, were glad to accept some assistance with triathlon expertise, from Davey Black Triathlon Club head coach Steve Davis and his team.

This approach of the T2G program provides an insight into just how flexible and adapted it can be to suit the needs of schools, all while providing students with confidence come event day, having shared an enjoyable, social experience.

“Rob and the team where good communicators and a good source of information for me as the Head of Sport having never been involved in triathlon before at my school. We ran a brief training program prior to the GSV Triathlon to help prepare the students. I am sure there are ways we could expand this in the future too.” 
Chelsea Dabner, Shelford Girls Grammar. 

“It was awesome to see how everyone was so engaged with the program. The kids were super keen to learn new abilities. No matter how hot the day was, or how hard the session was, the kids gave their best to get the best out of them.  It was really nice to share with them my experiences and little tips that for so many years I use when I was racing. Overall, this is an amazing program that helps kids to get into the beautiful world of triathlon.”
Andrea Ramos, Tri2gether Ambassador

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