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Mt Alexander College – Case Study

The Tri2gether program came into Mt Alexander College in Flemington in term one 2020. A vertically integrated school, where new programs and ideas are most welcome, Triathlon Victoria connected the Mt Alexander to local coach Barb Augustin as well as the second edition of the ‘Queens Park Triathlon’ event.

Delivered twice per week, a after school session and a Friday morning session during the schools ‘club time’ (every student must join an extra-curricular ‘club’). Facilities of the local community were used, a nearby public park for the bike and run practice, as well as a short tram ride to Queens Park for swimming.

The T2G program saw a group of students from Mt Alexander with a highly varied physical activity participation rates, experience triathlon mostly for the first time. Using the ready-made session plans and additional resources to upskill students, along with fantastic support from school and PE leadership to recruit students, T2G was a great success at Mt Alexander in its inaugural year.

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