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2XU Triathlon Series – Race 2 wrap

Triathletes from around the state descended on Sandringham today for race two of the 2XU Triathlon Series.

Melbourne’s summer rain impacted race day after 24-hours of wet weather on Friday saw poor water quality in the bay and a late change from triathlon to a duathlon (Run-Ride-Run) with an extra run leg added to replace the swim.

It was a solid morning on course for the i4 Coaching squad with Cassidy Shaw and Mitchell Kibby going one and two with times of 0:52:14.0 and 52:19.4 respectively, while race one winner Yoann Colin placed third with a time of 0:52:57.3.

In the category breakdown for the male and female elite, Callum Mc Clusky (0:51:57.6), Cassidy Shaw and Mitchell Kibby went one, two, three on the podium followed by Emma Jeffcoat (0:59:45.6), Emma Hogan (1:02:19.1) and Sophie Perry (1:03:48.5).

The male and female open saw Beckworth Racing’s Dylan Watt (0:56:39.2), Jeremy Peacock (1:01:01.2) and Justin Tilley (1:01:22.4) took out the top-3 while Kelly Egan (1:13:04.7) Sarah Mc Conville (1:15:47.0) and Cara Trowell (1:16:32.4) took our the female section.

In the Olympic male open Calvin Amos from the Western Suburbs Triathlon Club, finished the morning with a time of  1:49:09.0, followed by Ringwood Triathlon Club’s Nathan Shearer in 1:51:28.3 and Nathan Meade 1:52:25.3. Leah Hickey took out the female open in a time of 2:46:32.3

Also making a surprise appearance in the field today was former tiger, Alex Rance. Post his retirement Rance was reportedly preparing to embark on his triathlon journey and a new sporting passion after his illustrious AFL career. The premiership player finished the sprint in a time of 1:08:14.9.

The 2XU Triathlon Series will head to Elwood Reserve on Sunday 14th February 2021 for race three, a Triathlon Australia Age Group ITU World Championship Qualifying Race and Australian Sprint Championship.




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