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Victorian Sprint Championships sees full field capacity at 2XU Triathlon Series Elwood

The Victorian Sprint Championships drew an impressive turnout at 2XU Triathlon Series Elwood, with more than a full field capacity of athletes crossing the finish line on Sunday 5 March.

While Luke Bate and Kate Sarris both secured their first wins for the series in the elite races. The excitement and energy were palpable as the top elite athletes pushed themselves to the limit and lead Age Group athletes who displayed their grit and determination, fiercely vying for the highly coveted Victorian Championship medals.

The 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike ride, and 5-kilometer run proved to be a challenging test of endurance, strength, and skill, with the competitors pushing themselves to their limits in near perfect conditions to earn their place on the podium.

The Victoria triathlon community eagerly now awaits the upcoming finale of the 2022/23 Victorian State Series.

The highly anticipated last race of the 2XU Triathlon Series, scheduled for Sunday 26 March in St Kilda, will serve as the Victorian Standard Championships and the last opportunity for Triathlon Australia members to secure points towards State Series Awards.

Category Champion
Female 12-13 Madigan CARROLL
Male 12-13 Cadel CROSS
Female 14-15 Natasha GURTLER
Male 14-15 Merlin TZAROS
Female 15-19 Abigail BOUCHIER-JAFARI
Male 15-19  Charlie YOUNG
Female 20-24 Adele KINCSES
Male 20-24 Sebastian ASHER
Female 25-29  Alana PARK
Male 25-29 Ryan MOURITZ
Female 30-34  Steph ANDERSON
Male 30-34  David FAWKES
Female 35-39  Vanessa MURRAY
Male 35-39  Mark HEWAT
Female 40-44 Hayley GNIEL
Male 40-44 James STEPHENS
Female 45-49 Karen NOBLE
Male 45-49 Adam CONQUEST
Female 50-54 Sarah CLARK
Male 50-54 Gavin STUART
Female 55-59 Virginia FORBES
Male 55-59 Daryn JAMES
Female 60-64 Marcelle PAINTER
Male 60-64 Tom GIBSON
Male 65-69  Mick VARKER
Male 70-74 Philip HANLEY
Male 75-79 John ALLEN
Female Multiclass Montana WHITELEY
Male Multiclass Harry MEZGER



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