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Victorian Standard Champions named as 2022/23 season comes to an end

The Victorian Standard Championships were held at the 2XU Triathlon Series in St Kilda last weekend, wrapping up the Victorian State Series for the 2022/23 season.

With many of the season’s State Series Champion awards still up for grabs heading into the series finale, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the athletes were ready to perform at their best.

Saturday’s event was also the finale of the 2XU Triathlon Series and saw Victorian clubs and members honoured, taking out series championships.

Harvey Lanigan & Mia Foster won the Elite Championships for their performances across the six-race series, while Beckworth Racing won the Tri Clubs Championship, and Inclusive Sports Training won Multiclass Championship.

The dates for the 2023/24 2XU Triathlon Series have been released, with Race 1 on Sunday 26th November in Elwood.


Category                                                        Champion

Male 12-13                                                      Obi Vardy

Female 12-13                                                  Madigan Carroll

Male 14-15                                                      Merlin Tzaros

Female 14-15                                                  Raena Umezu

Male 15-19                                                      Gab Incani

Female 15-19                                                  Stephanie York

Male 20-24                                                      Darcy Dobson

Female 20-24                                                  Jasmine Brown

Male 25-29                                                      Ben Amberg

Female 25-29                                                  Liana Fitzpatrick

Male 30-34                                                      David Fawkes

Female 30-34                                                  Steph Dearaugo

Male 35-39                                                      Tom Crouch

Female 35-39                                                  Johanna Clark

Male 40-44                                                      Cameron Bloomfield

Female 40-44                                                  Hayley Gniel

Male 45-49                                                      Adam Conquest

Female 45-49                                                  Gemma Berry

Male 50-54                                                      Gavin Stuart

Female 50-54                                                  Sarah Clark

Male 55-59                                                      Aurel Wachter

Female 55-59                                                  Virginia Forbes

Male 60-64                                                      Tom Gibson

Female 60-64                                                  Joanne Deacon

Male 65-69                                                      Ron Licciardo

Male 70-74                                                      Philip Hanley

Male 75-79                                                      John Allen

Male Multiclass                                               Harry Mezger

Female Multiclass                                           Montana Whiteley

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