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2022/23 State Series Champions

Announcing the 2022/23 State Series Champions!

The Victorian State Series has come to a thrilling end after athletes fought hard in a diverse range of events including Sprint Distance, Standard Distance and Long Distance.

Overall, the State Series provided some excellent racing and showcased the talent and dedication of some of the best triathletes in Victoria. Congratulations to all the winners and participants on a successful season, stay tuned for the launch of our 2023/24 State Series!

Athletes will be awarded their trophies at the upcoming VIC Awards on 24 June at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Our 2022/23 State Series Champions:

Age Group Male Champion Female Champion
Multiclass Carlo Manolitsas Montana Whiteley
12-13 Obi Vardy Madigan Carroll
14-15 Merlin Tzaros Raena Umezu
15-19 Charlie Young Ellie Kays
20-24 Darcy Dobson Adele Kincses
25-29 Ben Amberg Alana Park
30-34 Matthew Cullen Steph Dearaugo
35-39 Mark Hewat Johanna Clark/Sara Leigh
40-44 James Stephens Maike Wolf
45-49 Adam Conquest Deborah Friedlander
50-54 Darren Cronshaw Sarah Clark
55-59 Richard Harvey Karen Mays
60-64 Tom Gibson Karyn Fitts
65-69 David Britt Barbara Shaw
70-74 Phillip Hanley
75-79 John Allen
80+ Peter Dwyer

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