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Become a mentor

A mentor can be one of the most invaluable assets in a person’s professional and personal development.

As a mentor, you’ll understand the challenges, successes and lessons learned from many years in business and sport. You’ll have the drive to nurture and guide women and girls in our sport to be their best, aid in their development, and see them progress into the areas of triathlon they desire success in. Becoming a mentor is a great way to contribute to the Victorian triathlon community with opportunities available through our member club and Triathlon Victoria.

Coach mentor

Industry experience is often one of the first requirements listed on a job advertisement, so it’s essential coaches receive real-life experiences that complement their theoretical knowledge. To aid in developing our coaches, Triathlon Victoria asks female Triathlon Australia Accredited Development Coaches (and above) to support the development of our new coaches as they enter the sport.

Athlete mentor

Our athlete mentors support junior athletes to help guide those less experienced. These junior athletes benefit from hearing and learning from athletes with different experiences and specialisations and the valuable voice of a professional athlete who is training and racing towards the top of the ladder.

Technical mentor

Our technical mentors support new technical officials who are just starting as rules officials in the sport. Our experienced technical mentors act as a buddy system at events to help develop and support new technical officials on-the-job at each race.

Business mentor

To be successful in business, you sometimes need a guiding voice to help you thrive. A business mentor is often an entrepreneur and someone with business experience who offers guidance and support to help you manage and grow your business.

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