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Club Race Series

Triathlon Victoria’s Virtual Club Race Series is a six-race series made up of two Time Trial events and four bunch style races.

The Race Series will visit some of the diverse courses within the Zwift World, including London, New York, Richmond, Yorkshire and of course Watopia. The Series will conclude on the iconic Champs-Elysee course that traditionally closes the Tour De France.

Go head-to-head with other Victorian clubs in a teams format and battle it out for the club championship trophy!

Who can race in the Series

Our Virtual Club Race Series is specifically for Triathlon Victoria affiliated clubs and their members. Whether you’re a time trial specialist, hill climber or tactical genius in the sprints, there is something for all performance levels throughout the Series.

To make this an inclusive and fun event for all, Series points will be configured so that all abilities are able to compete and represent their club.  It’s not often that we get to compete as teams in triathlon, so club glory and bragging rights are on the line. Which club will lay claim to the inaugural club championship trophy?

Results from our Return to Racing survey conducted in June 2020 showed the Victorian triathlon community are very keen to have a virtual racing option. We’re keen to see this become a reality for our members and we hope your club does too.

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