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How to join (clubs & members)

Whether you’re a time trial specialist, hill climber or tactical genius in the sprints, there will be something for everyone throughout the Series.


How to join the race

This competition is open to Triathlon Victoria affiliated clubs and squads and their members To race, you must have a Zwift compatible trainer, Zwift account and the correct software installed on the laptop or device you are using.

If you’re a club member of a participating club and already very familiar with Zwift and Zwift Power, please read the information provided and set yourself up in readiness for the first race date.

If you need help with setting yourself up, please contact you club’s Team Manager for additional support. Please read the support material below, particularly regarding wifi connection and ensuring you have a strong and stable connection.

If your club or squad isn’t listed, please contact your club president or head coach and speak to them about entering a team before the cut off date.


How to enter your club in the competition


To participate, affiliated clubs need to submit an expression of interest to join the comp, which includes nominating a Team Manager and providing your club logo.

Triathlon Victoria will contact your Team Manager and work with them to confirm your members are set up on Zwift Power and work to ensure you have the correct club code for our leaderboard. We will also provide you with marketing assets to help your club team recruitment.

Team Managers from each participating clubs are invited to attend a virtual team meeting on August 31 at 4pm sharp. This will be a visual walkthrough of Zwift Power and how to set up your club members with the correct club code for our leaderboard. It’s also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Only clubs who have registered will receive this invitation.


Zwift and Zwift Power

Zwift is a multiplayer online cycling and running training program that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world. Please see the support material below to help you set us Zwift and Zwift Power.

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