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The Performance Centre. Video series for athletes and coaches.

Triathlon Victoria is excited to launch the Performance Centre, a dedicated resource for every athlete at every performance level.

The Performance Centre is a collection of video interviews with various Triathlon Australia Accredited Coaches aimed at providing solutions for training when facilities or equipment aren’t available.

Free training and development for members

We want to ensure our coaches and athletes are continually engaged as part of their membership with us. Over the next few weeks, we will release more interviews to support the training and development of both coaches and athletes. Cycling, running, nutrition, HRV and holistic health are just a few of the video sessions we will be rolling out as part of the Performance Centre.

Be involved

Below is a sample of content from our Land Based Training session with Luke Bell (Triathlon Victoria), Brenton Ford (Effortless Swimming), Andre Obradovic (Which Path Coaching) and Simon Knowles (Jarasport). All content will be made available for you to access and use. If you are a Triathlon Australia Accredited Coache and would like to be part of our this initiative, please contact us for a broader discussion.

The foursome discuss training ideas during COVID-19, in particular dry land swimming, and how to train correctly to avoid injury. Muscle activation and correct techniques are highlighted with several visual training drills provided by each coach.

Dry land swimming drills by Andre Obradovic


Dry land swimming drills by Simon Knowles


The material provided by Triathlon Victoria is designed for information purposes only and should not substitute or replace professional training, coaching or medical advice. Before starting any health, fitness, or training program, it is always recommended that you consult with a registered professional. Use of any information provided is solely at your own risk. Please reach out to any coaches featured in these interviews if you require support or further information.


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