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Why were these races selected?

These races were selected to ensure a variety of options across the disciplines of multisport and to support races providing high quality racing experiences.

Do I need to compete a minimum number of races to be eligible to win my Age Group State Series Award?

No. You need only compete in one (1) race to be ranked in the points score.

Do I need to let TV know which races I am competing in?

No, TV will be working with the race directors to ensure all TV member results are provided to TV for points allocation. However, we do encourage members to check the rankings list and enter events with the same name details as per their TA membership name. E.g. Try to refrain from using a shortened first name such as Tim, if your membership is under Timothy.

How long after a race will the point score come out?

Race directors will work towards providing results to TV within 7 days of an event. TV will then aim to have the point score updated within a further 7 days (14 days after the event).

If there is an issue with my result or placing who do I contact?

All results/timing issues must go to the race director. Once the results have been received by TV the places, and hence points allocated, the results are final. If there are points missing from the rankings (Leaderboards) on the TV website please email with the relevant details.

What happens if I raced in an event as a non-member before I signed up?

You must be a member prior to participating in an event to be eligible to receive points.

Is there a series registration?

No, all TV members are automatically included in the TV State Series Awards upon entry into an eligible event. Note that entry to each event is made through the respective event website/registration portal.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

If an event is cancelled and not able to be rescheduled no points will be awarded to any athlete.

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