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TRI2gether is a school-based program that gives secondary school students aged 13 to 17 years the opportunity to get active by participating in swim, bike, run and triathlon.

The 6-week program targets students that are less active and aims to create an accessible, fun and socially-inclusive environment in the spirit of “finish line, not finish time”. The program provides a great platform for schools looking for ways to give students a sense of personal achievement through working toward a goal, persevering, and developing resilience; doing so in a social setting with friends where the experienced can be shared and enjoyed.

Delivered by accredited triathlon coaches appointed as ‘TRI2gether Ambassadors’, TRI2gether provides schools with flexibility regarding available facilities, equipment, and school timetable. Further, provides schools the opportunity to structure their program around any multisport variation of duathlon, aquathlon and triathlon event, in cooperation with their TRI2gether Ambassador.

Broadly, TRI2gether consists of one swim session and one bike/run session per week, delivered before or after school or at lunch time, held in the relative safety of school grounds or local leisure facilities. TRI2gether has the end goal of students completing a mini ‘fun’ triathlon as an individual or in a team (2 or 3 students).

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the TRI2gether program, click here.

Note: A requirement of the program is anonymous participation data collected by La Trobe University. This involved completion of pre-and-post-program surveys by all students, data from which is used to analyse changing attitudes to physical activity amongst participants. For more information on the data gathering for TRI2gether, contact us at the details below.

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If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact:
Rob Ward
Clubs & Programs Manager
P: (03) 9598 8686

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