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Bone Stress & Injury Prevention in Triathletes

Bone stress injuries are a dreaded injury for any athlete. Brad Beer, host of The Physical Performance Show Podcast and founder of POGO Physio, joins Triathlon Victoria to discuss Bone Stress and Injury Prevention in Triathletes.

Brad Beer

Brad Beer is known for his expertise in treating running and triathlon related injuries. A physiotherapist with over 14 years experience, Brad is an APA Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Exercise Scientist, and Head Physiotherapist for the Super League Triathlon Series. Brad is the founder of award winning POGO Physio on the Gold Coast Australia. Brad consults for Triathlon NZL and Athletics NZL Olympic athletes, British Triathlon, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and consults with multiple Australian representative runners and triathletes.

Brad is passionate about outputting helpful content for runners and in 2015 released a Best Selling book You Can Run Pain Free: A Physio’s 5 Step Guide to Enjoying Injury Free and Faster Running, which has since been Revised and additionally translated into a Chinese Edition. Brad has written for Run 4 Your Life, Men’s Health Magazine, and 220 Triathlon magazines. Brad is also the host of the iTunes top ranking The Physical Performance Show podcast, a weekly shows which features leading sports science experts and athletes, aimed at inspiring and educating the listener towards their own best physical performance.

By way of sporting background Brad spent 12 years competing as a junior elite triathlete, before returning to triathlon competition to collect a silver medal at the 2012 World Triathlon Championships (30-34yrs) and in 2013 win the Australian Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships (30-34yrs). Brad has represented QLD in the Australian Half Marathon Championships in 2016, and continues to enjoy competing in endurance running events.

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