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It was great to have Mikki Williden with is for a 2-part nutrition webinar for triathletes. Mikki Williden PhD is a registered nutritionist who has been privately consulting since 2006 and has worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals.

A regular columnist in Bite Magazine within the New Zealand Herald network, Mikki has contributed to various publications and co-hosts a weekly endurance sport podcast called Fitter Radio. In addition to this, Mikki has worked with many notable New Zealanders to help them achieve their nutrition-related goals.

Nutrition for Triathletes | Part 1

Nutrition for Triathletes | Part 2

Mikki Williden

Mikki Williden offers assistance to a wide range of people from corporates, elite level sports people and media personalities, to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle through healthy eating and living. This extends to people experiencing fatigue, digestive health, reduced energy level, unwanted weight gain, cholesterol and blood sugar dysregulation or general poor health.

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