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Marco Altini talks HRV

Marco Altini, a global expert in the field and founder of HRV4Training, delivers a comprehensive presentation that provides coaches with world-leading information and cutting edge athlete management software.

HRV is a more accurate way of measuring an athlete’s response to training load, rather than looking at just the standard metrics of Acute Training Load (ATL), Chronic Training Load (CTL) and Training Stress Balance (TSB) in Training Peaks. The ability to measure not just these training loads but also their effect on the stress response of the athlete will enhance your ability to fine-tune individual training plans, reduce injury and illness risk and plan harder sessions around times that the athlete is more capable of absorbing them, thereby accelerating the desired training adaptations. The scientific principles apply to athletes of all ages and abilities.

Training Information by Marco Altini

Marco Altini is a scientist and developer mainly working at the intersection between health, technology and performance.

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