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Evan Schwartz from Stryd and world-class triathlon coach Jim Vance come together to discuss the secrets that are taking the likes of Ben Kanute to the very pinnacle of the sport.

The pair look at how to execute a training session no matter the conditions and how to pace the run like a champion. The session also covers Stryd’s technology and the benefit to runners.


Evan Schwartz (Stryd)

Growing up in Columbus, Schwartz began his running career in middle school and has always been a determined runner. Schwartz ran a 2:31:58 at his first marathon in 2015. Just two years later, he reached a new PB and qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon, running a 2:18:17 in 2017 at the California International Marathon. Aside from his work with Stryd, Schwartz is also a running coach with Simple Athletics and has two different running podcasts.

Jim Vance (Elite Triathlon Coach)

Jim Vance is an endurance sports coach, author and consultant based in San Diego, California. He is the Head Coach for Formula Endurance, a USA Triathlon High Performance Team, focused mostly on developing top junior triathletes, as part of the Olympic Pipeline. Jim is also the Head Varsity Swim Coach at Coronado High School.

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