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Marathon runner Julian Spence and Sports Podiatrist Michael Nitschke discus selecting the right shoe for the right purpose.

Julian Spence

Julian is an elite marathon runner who represented Australia at the World Athletics Championships. He owns a running store, The Running Company Ballarat, with his partner Bri, coaches athletes, is a race director, and a co-host of the Inside Running Podcast. He is also the founder of Runstrong Online Coaching.

Michael Nitschke

Michael Nitschke is an acclaimed podiatrist and passionate runner. With a decade of clinical experience in private practice and exceptional anatomy and biomechanics knowledge, Michael specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of running injuries.

As an accomplished track athlete Michael is well versed in working with amateur, junior and elite athletes. However, Michael’s passion for the sport has grown beyond that of just the competitive side. Michael is now committed to increasing the entire running community by providing an innovative running service accessible to all runners, recreational and elite.

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